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Just 4 Days…

Our 25th Anniversary celebration is just 4 days away.

This Friday, we’ll be treating our wonderful customers to a sheet of palm-sized IA designs, for just $25!

Customers 21+ yo can also enjoy a free Three Kings Sessions IPA, from 4 Hands Brewing, served in a keepsake commemorative pint glass, after getting their tattoo!!

We will also have limited quantities of a 25th anniversary (2) sided t-shirt, printed on Next Level, by our friends at Lefthand Promotions.

Doors, as always, open @ noon…We’ll tattoo until we drop (or at least 10pm)…

We’ll see you Friday!!!

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One Month Until Our 25th Anniversary!!!


















In just one month’s time, on April 5th, we will celebrate 25 years as St. Louis’ #1 Bodyart Studio!

Obviously, we could not have done this without YOU!!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re not looking to throw a party, or pat ourselves on the back (although we are certainly a bit proud!), but instead we want to give something back to all of you…

So, on Friday April 5th, from Noon-10pm, we are going to be offering up a sheet (a poster really) of designs by all of the Iron Age artists for just $25…first come, first served.

These designs will be palm size or larger…full color…”real tattoos”, for an incredible price…one day only…to simply say THANK YOU to the city we love! 

We will endeavor to tattoo as many clients, fans, and friends as possible, that day.  There will be no appointments or regular walk-ins that day…just the 25th Anniversary “specials”.

We look forward to seeing you all here on April 5th…

Time Marches On…

and with it comes change! 

One of our family members will be moving out-of-state in April…Caleb Quales is leaving for a new business opportunity, and we will, of course, miss him dearly!

So…the search has begun for a new artist to join our crew.  

It goes without saying, that this individual will need to be an experienced and established tattoo artist (preferably with an existing clientele).  

You will need to be dynamic, flexible, and hard-working!

We don’t have time for drama, and neither will you!!

We have the staff and volume to offer a schedule which allows for both walk-in and appointment days.  You will have the flexibility to take care of your clients AND create new ones.  Our set-up also allows opportunities for travel/conventions, as well. 

If you are at the top of your game, and ready for a new challenge, then shoot us an email, drop us a line, or stop by the shop and introduce yourself.  Please include your resume (including links to social media or photo drops), when replying.

Do you have what it takes???

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As 2018 Draws to a Close…

Well…Here we are…the final day of 2018.  As the year draws to a close, we want to thank all of our loyal friends, fans, and customers for another great year! We met so many new people…and…so many of you entrusted us with your tattoos and piercings…You honor us with your continued support and patronage!!

Tomorrow we are closed for New Year’s Day…but…the following day we start off running into 2019.  As we approach our 25th Anniversary (!!!), on April 5th, we will continue to do our best to serve up the best possible tattoos and piercings to the Greater St. Louis community.

Again…We thank you, and we hope you have a wonderful New Year!

We look forward to you visiting us during the coming milestone year…Fireworks 25anniversary-logo

This Week…

This week, here at Iron Age, we’ve got our old friend Jon Osiris visiting us.  If you’d like to set something up with him, give us a call, or drop by the shop.

Brad will also be in town for a few days, as he attends the St. Louis Classic Tattoo Expo.  Caleb and Morgan will be joining him down at the convention, as well.

So…Drop by the shop, or drop by the convention booth, and get yourself a little Iron Age lovin’…

…We’ll see you soon!

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Halloween Draws Near…

We’re just three weeks away from Halloween…If you’re getting into the spirit of the holiday, you may want to swing by and check out the flash sheets that Carson has drawn up for the occasion.  These designs will be available from now until Halloween night…so…come on down and get them, while the gettin’s good!

Here’s a couple pics…One of the uncolored flash sheet, and another of a completed design, on a lucky client…See you soon!Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.07.12 AM Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.06.44 AM

Hanya Baseball T’s Are Back…

Hey folks…We had a bunch of clients ask us to bring back the Chappy-designed Hanya baseball T’s…so…we did.

They’ve been screened on Tultex 245s, heather w/black sleeves…2 sided print.

The new stock has just arrived…We’ve got sizes S-XXL.

Swing by the shop and grab one, for just $20!

We’ll see you soon


The Return of an Old Friend…

Hey guys…Our old compatriot, Lonnie Mann III, will be joining us for shifts one weekend a month, Friday thru Sunday, starting September 14th, and then the first weekend of each month, after that.

As you all know, weekends here at Iron Age are walk-in only…but…please feel free to come in and request Lonnie.

Who knows…if there is enough demand, perhaps he can set aside an appointment day(s), in the near future!

Welcome back Lonnie!

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 2.33.36 PM Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 2.33.57 PM

Another ‘Friday The 13th’ in the books…

Well folks…that’s another crazy ‘Friday The 13th’ behind us…

300 or so, of you crazies, joined us last Friday…160, or so, stuck around long enough and managed to get tattooed with 200+ ‘FridayThe 13th’ jammers.

As always, it was hot, it was chaotic…it was a mad rush.

In the end, we hope you had fun.

There were, however, the usual post-event complaints…and, frankly, it’s getting to be a bit of a pain.

So…next time (NOT UNTIL SETEMBER 13th 2019!), we are looking at (2) options:

  1. We simply cancel the event.  We are really the last large/reputable shop doing these, in St. Louis…there’s a reason for that.

  2. We create a new system.  My first thought is that we open the event only to regular customers of Iron Age…I’m thinking that we cap it at 150 participants, and you gain a spot by coming into Iron Age to get tattooed or pierced, sometime during the 65 days prior to the event (in this case from Monday July 8th, until Wednesday September 11th, 2019).  On the Thursday before we will compile the list and post and email it…the list will be randomized.  On Friday @noon…the 150 people come to the shop, perhaps in (3) waves.  Everyone on the list gets tattooed, and they only have a 3-4 hour window.

The final decision and details are TBD…stay tuned.

As always…thanks for choosing us…we really do appreciate it!

Friday The 13th…

Happy 4th of July!

Another Friday The 13th is almost upon us…The madness ensues, just 9 days from now!!

As usual, we will reveal teasers of the flash sheet leading up to the day…As usual, the full sheet will only be available, in shop, on the day.

By now…most everyone is familiar with the drill…but, just in case:

-Special flash sheet of $13 tattoos…PLUS a lucky $7 tip (i.e. $20).

Cash only.

-First come, first served…we tattoo until we drop.

-People start lining up ~9am.

-You can get (2) designs…anymore than that is at the individual artist’s discretion.

-You will wait for hours, unless you are at the beginning of the line…it’s just the way it is…it’s all part of the mayhem that is ‘Friday The 13th’.

Everyone here works hard to bring you this special day…be respectful…be kind…have fun.

See you on the 13th!!!

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