The Time has Again Arrived…

Another ‘Friday the 13th’ is upon us, this Friday…April 13th…2018!

As a continued service, AND a big thanks, to our awesome clients, we will be offering our legendary $13 tattoos (+ a lucky $7 tip!)!!   Cash only, please.

As usual, the designs will be from a designated flash sheet…That sheet will ONLY be revealed in shop, on Friday.

The designs can only be placed on arms and legs…any other special requests are at the discretion of the individual artist.

The designs can only be tattooed as drawn…again…any special changes are at the discretion of the individual artist.

It would also be noted that full-size tattoo walk-in service AND full-service piercings are 100% available, as usual, from noon-10pm.

People tend to line up early, and the event does get packed…so…please keep this in mind and plan accordingly…We will tattoo, all day, until we drop…usually after 10pm…and usually after 200+ people.

We hope to see you all there…


Camm Will Be Back In Town For A Few Days…

Hey Guys…Our good buddy Cammeron Donnelly will be visiting us this week from the 13th-15th!

If you would like to set something up…check out his Instagram then shoot him an email at!CammVisit

A Blast From The Past…

From 1999-2004 we ran a print ad campaign (remember those?) highlighting our customers…our wonderful, and highly diverse, customers…young & old…black & white…city & county…friends both old & new!


We have decided to resurrect this campaign, in a way.

Any customers that would like to participate simply have to come in, get a tattoo or piercing, and let us know they want to enter their ‘I AM IRON AGE’ information, and the front staff will get you started.

Once a week we will randomly choose (digital lottery) a winner, and that person will receive a $100 gift card and their photo/entry will be posted to our social media accounts.

The campaign will run Wednesday to Tuesday…Each Wednesday at opening we will post the new ‘I AM IRON AGE’ face for the week.

Will will begin accepting entries this week, and the first winner will be announced on Wednesday 3/29/18.

We will see you soon…


A Gentle Reminder…

We get a lot of calls, emails, and counter questions about piercing minors.  So, our front-staff and piercers have asked me to post a little breakdown of the paperwork and identification needed in order for our minor aged fans to get those piercings they’ve been craving!

All minors, per St. Louis County, need to have a completed supplied notarized form.

Those 14-17 will need either a valid State Issued ID (available at any DMV/DOR office), or their issued school ID, along with an original (ie raised seal, not photocopy) example of their birth certificate.

For those 4-13, we can accept the above birth certificate, along with their original Social Security Card.

As always, if you have any questions, or need any clarifications, we are here to help…

Well…it’s 2018

New year…time for that new tattoo or piercing, that you’ve been thinking about.

Walk-in 7 days a week…or…set-up an appointment with any one of our artists…your day…your time…your schedule.

We’ll see you soon!

‘Tis the Season…

The 2017 holiday season is now in full swing.

As always, we have Iron Age gift certificates and t-shirts available for your well-deserving friends or loved ones (or, treat yourself, of course!)!

Also, we’re currently collecting toys for Shriner’s Children Hospital of St. Louis…trying to offset the loss they suffered in the SouthSide warehouse fire, of last month…Bring in a toy (boxed, new or gently used) and take a spin of the Iron Age prize wheel…We’ve got t-shirt, gift certificate, and jewelry giveaways galore!!

We’ll see you soon…



Fall Is Now In Full Swing…

The days are shorter and a chill often hangs in the air at night…but we’re still here 7 days a week for all you tattoo and piercing needs!!

Swing on by and treat yourself to a new tattoo or piercing, before the holiday season gets a grip on you, and your time is no longer your own!

Having said that, I suppose it’s never too early to think about holiday gifts…Iron Age gift cards, as always, make the perfect gift for that loved one, who happens to be a bodyart aficionado (or you can always treat yourself!)! Tattoos, piercings, body jewelry, or even an Iron Age t-shirt are all available…via a handy portable plastic card.

We’ll see you soon…

Our buddy Camm is back-in-town…

Hey folks…our buddy Cammeron Donnelly is back-in-town for the month of August.  He’ll be hanging out at the shop from now until the end of the month.  He’s workin’ some walk-in shifts, and, of course, he’s available for custom tattoos and appointments.  Give us a call to check availability/shifts, or drop Camm a line and set something up, today!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.39.11 PM

The Dog Days of Summer…

Summer is in full swing…the heat has arrived in full force in the STL.

It’s the perfect time to come inside, sit down, soak in the A/C, and treat yourself to a new tattoo or piercing!

It’s like a one-day vacation from everything…

St. Jude’s Fundraiser

Mike Di Dia, from New Jersey, is here taking walk-ins for the next couple of days.  Mike is currently biking from the East Coast to Seattle to raise money for St. Jude’s!  Along the way, he’s been stopping and tattooing, here and there, and he decided to stop in the STL and pay us a visit.  Come say Hi! to Mike, offer some support, and maybe get a new tattoo, while you’re at it.

On Friday the 30th, he will be tattooing all day long and 100% of the proceeds will benefit St. Jude’s…in addition, Iron Age will match the revenue from those tattoos…So, every tattoo you get = 2x the benefit for St. Jude’s!!

You can check out Mike’s story and work here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.37.58 PM

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