A Blast From The Past…

From 1999-2004 we ran a print ad campaign (remember those?) highlighting our customers…our wonderful, and highly diverse, customers…young & old…black & white…city & county…friends both old & new!


We have decided to resurrect this campaign, in a way.

Any customers that would like to participate simply have to come in, get a tattoo or piercing, and let us know they want to enter their ‘I AM IRON AGE’ information, and the front staff will get you started.

Once a week we will randomly choose (digital lottery) a winner, and that person will receive a $100 gift card and their photo/entry will be posted to our social media accounts.

The campaign will run Wednesday to Tuesday…Each Wednesday at opening we will post the new ‘I AM IRON AGE’ face for the week.

Will will begin accepting entries this week, and the first winner will be announced on Wednesday 3/29/18.

We will see you soon…


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