Another ‘Friday The 13th’ in the books…

Well folks…that’s another crazy ‘Friday The 13th’ behind us…

300 or so, of you crazies, joined us last Friday…160, or so, stuck around long enough and managed to get tattooed with 200+ ‘FridayThe 13th’ jammers.

As always, it was hot, it was chaotic…it was a mad rush.

In the end, we hope you had fun.

There were, however, the usual post-event complaints…and, frankly, it’s getting to be a bit of a pain.

So…next time (NOT UNTIL SETEMBER 13th 2019!), we are looking at (2) options:

  1. We simply cancel the event.  We are really the last large/reputable shop doing these, in St. Louis…there’s a reason for that.

  2. We create a new system.  My first thought is that we open the event only to regular customers of Iron Age…I’m thinking that we cap it at 150 participants, and you gain a spot by coming into Iron Age to get tattooed or pierced, sometime during the 65 days prior to the event (in this case from Monday July 8th, until Wednesday September 11th, 2019).  On the Thursday before we will compile the list and post and email it…the list will be randomized.  On Friday @noon…the 150 people come to the shop, perhaps in (3) waves.  Everyone on the list gets tattooed, and they only have a 3-4 hour window.

The final decision and details are TBD…stay tuned.

As always…thanks for choosing us…we really do appreciate it!

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