Friday The 13th…

Happy 4th of July!

Another Friday The 13th is almost upon us…The madness ensues, just 9 days from now!!

As usual, we will reveal teasers of the flash sheet leading up to the day…As usual, the full sheet will only be available, in shop, on the day.

By now…most everyone is familiar with the drill…but, just in case:

-Special flash sheet of $13 tattoos…PLUS a lucky $7 tip (i.e. $20).

Cash only.

-First come, first served…we tattoo until we drop.

-People start lining up ~9am.

-You can get (2) designs…anymore than that is at the individual artist’s discretion.

-You will wait for hours, unless you are at the beginning of the line…it’s just the way it is…it’s all part of the mayhem that is ‘Friday The 13th’.

Everyone here works hard to bring you this special day…be respectful…be kind…have fun.

See you on the 13th!!!

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