Well, tomorrow, June 21st, is the official start of summer…Of course, you wouldn’t know it here in the STL, as it has been “summer hot” for weeks!

‘Tis the season for shorts and summer dresses…tank tops and bikinis…Everyone wants to show off their tattoo or get a fresh new one to start the summer off right!!

We truly love giving you bright new tattoos, and we love seeing your well-healed older tattoos…As always, you need to plan accordingly, based on summer plans (i.e. swimming) AND you need to treat your tattoos (new and old) well…always keep them sun-blocked and moisturized.

Summer is also the time when tattoo artists, like all people, tend to travel…so…if you’re planning an appointment soon, touch bases with your favorite Iron Age artist, check their schedule, and set something up.

We look forward to seeing you soon…friends old or new…locals or visitors to our fine city.

Stay cool Saint Louis!!!

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