(almost) ’tis the Season…

As we creep up on the “Holiday Season”, we just want to remind everyone that we have gift cards available for all your tattoo, piercing, and jewelry needs. They are available here in the shop, in good ‘ol plastic form…and…they are available online as e-cards, as well (which are super convenient for gifting in this socially distanced time period we are living in!)

As always…this year, give the gift they can’t return (or just treat yourself right!)!

Visiting Artist

Hey folks…We’ll be welcoming Pat James from Maryland here to the studio from 10/29-11/01. He’s gonna be sitting in with the crew and making you guys some great tattoos. Go check out his Instagram, and then drop him a DM, or shoot us an email, if you would like to set something up with him, while he’s in town.

Please Welcome…

Iron Age has just added a new member to our team…Please welcome Panda, and make him feel right at home!

He’ll be here every Sunday and Monday, and also on our normal weekend rotation, accepting walk-ins.  He would also love to set-up an appointment for that custom piece you’ve been dreaming about!

His gallery will be up very soon…but until that time, you can check out all his latest work via his Instagram  and then drop him a DM to get something started.

Welcome to Iron Age, Panda…glad to have you on board!!

Strange Summer…

As this strange-pandemic-summer rolls along we find ourselves adapting to the new normal…diminished capacity…safety protocols…short staffing.

We are doing our best to accommodate everyone, and trying our best to handle the onslaught of enquiries via email, phone, and DMs.

…but…We are only human, please be patient!

We 110% appreciate your patronage…without you we are nothing, of course!

While we continue to recommend making appointments, if possible, we realize that this is creating quite the backlog and relatively long waits to get with certain artists….so…

Starting July 3rd we will be returning to walk-ins-only, on the weekends (the lobby/waiting area will still be closed, however) and “first come first served” with time slots assigned.

We hope this helps us to help you more effectively, again.

Thank you!

We will be Re-Opening May 18th!

World Turned Upside Down…

Well St. Louis…We’re in the thick of it now. As you well know, by now, non-essential businesses, ourselves included, are closed down until April 22nd.

Below I have compiled some direct contact info for all our artists, in case you want to discuss setting something up with them, in the near future.

Also, as always, we have have gift cards available, including e-cards, which can be purchased here: https://squareup.com/gift/985KS1FR66MB4/order

Right now we’re offering 10% off all e-card purchases!…just use code QUARANTINE10

If you would like a traditional gift certificate or card, drop us a line at info@ironagetattoo.com and we can set something up.

We still have some t-shirts and crewnecks available if you want to grab some Iron Age swag. Send an email and we can see if we have something in your size, and make arrangements to mail it out to you.

We can’t wait to see all of you, in person, again, in the near future…

Until that time, please stay safe!

Josh Chapman: Chappystl@yahoo.com

Kyle Markiewicz: kylemarkiewicz@yahoo.com or 314-378-3032 (text)

Justin Lamoreux: 815-238-1516  (text)

Patrick Day: 636-614-8007 (text)

Jason James: 636-458-0720 (text)

Katelynn: https://www.instagram.com/katelynnrhea/ (IG DM)

Kino: 314-313-0476 (text)

Manny: https://www.instagram.com/emanuel_betancourt/ (IG DM)

Miss Morgan: missmorgantats@gmail.com

Carson: 831-277-3793 ⠀(text)

Chris: chrisboyletattoos@gmail.com

Bayle: https://www.instagram.com/b.tripps/ (IG DM)

Caleb: https://www.stlpiercing.com/book-online

As We Head Into the Last Month of Winter…

Lot’s of positive changes here at Iron Age, as we close in on Spring!

Our prodigal son, Kyle Markiewicz, has (semi) returned to the fold, He’ll be tattooing here at the shop, on a regular basis, for the foreseeable future. So…the time has come to hit him up and set-up that appointment you’ve been waiting for! Welcome home, Kyle!!

Next up…Starting February 25th…our good friend Emanuel Betancourt will be joining the Iron Age family, on a permanent basis. He’ll be available for walk-ins on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…and…he’s always down to set-up an appointment for that special tattoo, for you.

Last, but not least, Patrick Day has also joined the Iron Age family. He will be working by appointment only (with some occasional appearances on the walk-in dance floor). Hit him up to set something up ASAP…let’s get the ball rolling and show him some of that Iron Age customer’s love!

Final 2019 Holiday Gift Card Special…

This weekend is the final weekend before the Christmas holiday…so, how about a final chance at a gift card special?

This Friday 12/20 thru Sunday 12/22, for every $100 you spend on an Iron Age gift card, we will add on a bonus $20!

Happy Easter…

Once you have risen, showered, and had some Easter brunch…make your way down to The Loop. We’ll be here dishing out the freshest tattoos and piercings, all day, from Noon-8pm

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 12.04.46 PM

Thank You…

Thanks to everyone that joined us last Friday for our 25th Anniversary special/event!

As expected, there was a line around the building, starting early…but…we were able to treat ~125 of you to our customer appreciation specials.

If you missed the event, we are, of course, still here 7 days a week to take care of you.

The 25th Anniversary flash sheet designs can still be gotten (pricing will obviously be different though) if you would still like to commemorate.

Lastly, we do have some of the anniversary design t-shirts in S-XXL left, as well.

Once again…Thank you!!

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