Time Marches On…

and with it comes change! 

One of our family members will be moving out-of-state in April…Caleb Quales is leaving for a new business opportunity, and we will, of course, miss him dearly!

So…the search has begun for a new artist to join our crew.  

It goes without saying, that this individual will need to be an experienced and established tattoo artist (preferably with an existing clientele).  

You will need to be dynamic, flexible, and hard-working!

We don’t have time for drama, and neither will you!!

We have the staff and volume to offer a schedule which allows for both walk-in and appointment days.  You will have the flexibility to take care of your clients AND create new ones.  Our set-up also allows opportunities for travel/conventions, as well. 

If you are at the top of your game, and ready for a new challenge, then shoot us an email, drop us a line, or stop by the shop and introduce yourself.  Please include your resume (including links to social media or photo drops), when replying.

Do you have what it takes???

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